Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton’s relationship timeline — plus their latest major milestone!

It’s official — Matt Dallas and his husband Blue Hamilton are the ultimate #RelationshipGoals. When Matt first announced his engagement at the start of 2013 (which also served as his public coming-out), we were already in love with the adorable couple.

Then came word of their city-hall wedding this July. They shared the news via a sweet Instagram shot. (Check out their matching all-black ensembles!)

Introducing Mr. & Mr. Dallas

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Now, the couple is making headlines with another major announcement — they just adopted a super-cute 2-year-old boy! The savvy couple also made this announcement via social media, uploading a heartwarming video to their YouTube channel.

“We’ve been talking about having kids for a long time. We both come from big family, family is very important to us and raising a family of our own is very important to us,” Blue said in the video. “So it was just a matter of when, timing wise, and how.”

Matt and Blue decided to adopt a child through the state, a decision they came to when the realized how many children in the system are in need of homes.

“There’s kids and babies waking up in office buildings, waking up in group homes,” Matt explained. “People that work for the state just don’t have enough time or resources to get to all of them.”

“There really is a shortage of people willing to bring in kids,” added Blue.

According to Just Jared, the couple adopted the child earlier this year. There was supposed to be a six-month trial period before the adoption was finalized, but they made an instant decision when they met the child. “There was about a six minute trial period before we knew that he was gonna be ours,” Matt said.

Blue recounted the exact moment they connected to the kid. “The car ride home, we decided that he was gonna’ be ours and we weren’t gonna’ give him up,” he said. “We just happened to fall in love with this certain little boy.”

Their little bundle of joy came just in time for the joyous holiday season. “We got the best christmas present ever!” Matt said.

Check out the adorable announcement video and try not to get the warm-fuzzies. Be sure to stick around for the last half of the video, where they share some cute home video footage! JustJared also has some exclusive photos of the happy family. Relationship goals or what!?

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