Letter from the editor: I’ve been totally neglecting LGBTeen

"One more round of Trivia Crack and then I'll work on my blog."

“One more round of trivia crack and then I’ll work on my blog.”

I want to preface this by saying I am not shutting down LGBTeen. The blog hasn’t been as active as it should be and this post is going to make it sound like I’m moving on from it, but that is not the case.

But if I’m being honest, I have been totally neglecting LGBTeen.

When I decided to launch LGBTeen to the public (after creating the blog as a project for a journalism class), I had big dreams for it—I wanted to be an active blogger, hopefully gain a solid readership, and maybe someday be able to create a print version. (I’m totally hung up on print media being the pinnacle of journalistic success, because I grew up reading iconic publications like “Cosmo Girl!,” “YM” and “Seventeen.”)

Ironically, when I graduated college in decidedly non-journalistically-successful circumstances (I spent the summer living in my friend’s basement and working at Target), I was even more determined to put effort into LGBTeen. I had tons of spare time to read other blogs, write and really develop my vision for the blog. In the months that followed, LGBTeen was as active as it had ever been and received its highest readership to date (in large part thanks to a controversial quiz that went viral).

But such highs rarely last and though I’m proud to say LGBTeen has maintained a fairly steady readership since then, it has yet to match that success. But part of that is due to the fact that, after moving back home at the end of the summer, I’ve finally found success (among other things!) both in my professional and my personal lives. Since September, I’ve:

  • Found a job related to my major
  • Got my learners’ permit
  • Started seriously dating someone for the very first time
  • Personally come out to a few family members and close friends
  • Broke up with someone for the very first time
  • Started looking for my first apartment
  • Played too many rounds of Trivia Crack

It might not seem like a lot, but these are actually huge personal milestones for me—and they keep me pretty busy (especially Trivia Crack). My job is in non-profit marketing, so I’m always working long hours for the events that we do. I’m still learning to drive, so a lot of my time is spent practicing that with my Aunt (one of the people I’ve recently come out to). When I do have a spare moment, I want to spend it with the people I care about—and sometimes that means going out for a date instead of staying in to work on the blog. (Can you blame me? I’m only human!)

I’m not writing about this to make excuses for why I haven’t been as active on LGBTeen. This blog is still a huge passion project for me and I intend to keep it going—and to grow it!—in 2015. I’m also not telling you all this to brag. (Obviously not. How lame is it that I’m 23 and don’t have my drivers’ license or my own place? omg.) If anything, I’m writing this because it perfectly aligns with the vision I’ve had for LGBTeen from the beginning.

I started this blog as a way for queer youth to share their stories of hope and inspiration. This is where I’m at in my story—I’m a queer, trans young adult who is living a full, happy life. Though I may not personally be able to keep up with LGBTeen as much as I’d like for awhile, explaining the reasons why is my way of carrying out the blog’s vision in a different way.

That being said, I am taking steps to ensure that LGBTeen will continue to grow, even though I may be less involved. I’m getting more contributors involved and restructuring our current staff so that we can continue providing you with content that is smart, interesting, entertaining and fun. (If you’re interested in getting involved, shoot me an email!) I also plan to blog a little more regularly about what’s going on in my life. (Not that I think anyone is dying to hear about me, but I just feel silly telling everyone to share their experiences without sharing mine.)

I can’t say that I’m planning to launch a print edition for LGBTeen anytime soon, or even that the blog will ever match it’s random success from last summer, but I still do have big dreams for the blog and I hope all of you will stick around to watch it grow—and maybe even help make that happen!


The short URL of the present article is: http://lgbteen.org/99RWo

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