Teen’s peers lure him to park, then beat him for being gay

Teen lured to park by peers, then attacked for being gay. (x)

Teen lured to park by peers, then attacked for being gay. (x)

Dylan Beard, 17, was lured by his peers to a local skate park in Baytown, Texas, only to be jumped and beaten for being gay. Allegedly, the attackers bragged about it on Facebook afterwards.

The suspects in the attack are a 17-year-old girl and two male friends. The attack occurred on Oct. 12 at the WL Jenkins Park, where Beard was allegedly punched and kicked in the face and rib while being called “faggot” and a “booty lover.” After the attack, Beard suffered chipped teeth, a broken nose, a black eye, lacerations to the knees and elbows, and had bitten through his tongue. Beard, who is homeschooled, said that although he is familiar with his attackers, he doesn’t know them well.

“It was horrendous, I just couldn’t even believe what I was seeing,” Beard’s mother, Jennifer, told The Houston Chronicle. “This is a park that we’re all supposed to be able to get to … I’m scared to let him go, but I know all his friends are going to be there. I don’t know what’s going to (happen) there. It scares me now that he can be jumped because he’s gay.”

Activist Quanell X held a press conference Thursday, alleging The Baytown Police Department was intentionally negligent in their investigation and used homophobic slurs against Beard. “It doesn’t make you a man, it doesn’t make you a tough guy, it doesn’t make you some real person to be proud of because you want to prey on a little kid because he’s gay. Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size? Why won’t you pick on some men who you know will fight you back?” he said. “This little kid does not deserve to be treated like this. Whether you agree or disagree with his sexual orientation, or not, it does not give anyone the right to treat him like he’s less than a human being and rob him of his human and civil rights.”

Lt. Eric Freed denies the claims of intentional negligence and says he was not aware of officers using homophobic slurs or the attackers bragging on social media. “We are taking steps, we’re reaching out … (for Beard to) speak with our detective and to speak with internal affairs,” he said. He also said that a police report was filed, and a citation for misdemeanor assault was filed against the main female attacker.

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