10 artists that changed my life

Coming out can be hard. But music can make it—and everything else in life—a little bit easier.

Coming out can be hard. But music can make it—and everything else in life—a little bit easier.

Coming out can be one of the scariest things a person has to do; for others it is really easy. Over the past couple of years I have opened up to friends, co-workers, and one family member. Overall the hardest person to come out to was myself. I knew who I was, but it is difficult to look in the mirror at ten years old and know that you are gay. As many people do, I pushed it aside for a year or two until I could not deny it anymore. Music was the main reason I knew it was okay to be LGBT. That being said, here is a list of ten artists that have changed my life and/or helped me come out.

1. FUN.

From the moment I heard Nate Ruess belt out the vocals to “One Foot”, I knew my life would never be the same. FUN. (Yes, spelled with a period on the end) is a powerhouse band that is incredible live and on the radio. As the founders of The Ally Coalition (TAC), FUN. has done a lot for the LGBT Community and for me.

2. Tegan and Sara

Everything about the lesbian twins has changed my life. The twins have done a lot for me; all the way from amazing music to helping me realize who I am. Tegan Quin and Sara Quin have helped me see that it is perfectly fine to be whoever I want to be. Seeing two killer female vocalists, advocates, musicians, and lesbians is really empowering. With songs like “I’m Not Your Hero” Tegan and Sara have encouraged everyone that it is perfectly fine to be what you are. Songs by Tegan and Sara that I have listened to hundreds of times are still motivational when I have a bad day. I can always find a new meaning each time I listen to a song by the Quin Twins.

3. Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco (P!ATD) has helped me get through a lot of weird situations. Brendon Urie is the kind of role model everyone needs. Brendon is a pretty quirky guy; with his personality and P!ATD music I can laugh my way through anything. Absolutely any time is a good time to listen to P!ATD, but I prefer Nine In The Afternoon. Yes, that was my pun for the day and any Panic! fan should understand. When I listen to P!ATD it’s always fun for everyone else because their music makes me want to dance. Lets just say, me dancing is not a good thing.

4. Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy (FOB) is the rock band that every little kid wants to be. I have always been a big FOB fan. Any fan can agree, the hiatus was way to long. “Save Rock and Roll” was a killer album to come back with. This past summer I went to Monumentour (Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and New Politics); it was like being born again. I love all of the old Fall Out Boy songs, from the beginning I was a huge fan. It’s always been so cool to see a punk rock band be so popular. Although I have been a fan from the start, my favorite song is the newest (listed below).

5. Paramore

Any rock or punk rock girl fan can agree… We all have rocked out to Paramore at some point in front of the mirror singing some Paramore song like “Misery Business.” Well, maybe that is just me. Anyway, Paramore has always made the tough times easier. Seeing such a strong female vocalist like rock out like that is so empowering.

6. Jack’s Mannequin

In the early stages of coming out to myself I got super depressed at times. The album “Everything In Transit” by Jack’s Mannequin changed me and changes my mood. I call this one my “happy band.” Andrew McMahon (lead singer) was also the lead singer of Something Corporate and has released a few singles by himself. Jack’s Mannequin was the period in between for Andrew, and I just so happen to like this period. I’m not quite sure what made me fall in love with Jack’s Mannequin and “Everything In Transit” but this band has gotten me through so many bad times in my life.

7. Dani Shay

Okay, kind of obsessed with Dani. She was the Bieber look-alike a few years ago on America’s Got Talent. I remember sitting in my pajamas watching her perform that night; I fell in love. Plus, Dani an Ali (her girlfriend) are ADORABLE! Now I sit waiting to see Dani live once day.

8. Steel Train

Before the forming of FUN., guitarist Jack Antonoff was the front-man of Steel Train. Each song represents Jack’s childhood to an extent. Steel Train is such an inspirational band in my opinion. With all of Steel Train being made up of awesome guitarist, it makes an incredible band to rock-out to.

9. New Politics

All I have to say is crazy talent.

10. Queen

Who doesn’t love Queen? Queen i s one of the main reasons I love FUN. Nate Ruess uses Freddie Mercury as one of his main inspirations. I wish there was some way I could see Queen in concert… Not a cover band because we all know it’s not the same.

There you have it LGBTeeners! A list of 10 Artists that have changed my life. Thanks for reading.

See ya!

Cass <3

What bands or artists inspire you the most? What helped you when you were coming out? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or in your own post!

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