Mills College allows transgender students to enroll thanks to policy change

Policy change at Mills College allows transgender students to enroll. (x)

Policy change at Mills College allows transgender students to enroll. (x)

Mills College in California recently became the first higher education, all-female institution to accept applications from anyone who self-identifies as a woman thanks to a new policy change.

The new policy change reportedly includes those not assigned female at birth but who identify as women. It also reportedly includes people whose gender identity falls outside of the male/female binary. The college will also reportedly not ask students who were assigned female at birth, but transition to male while enrolled, to leave.

“The purpose of the policy is that we didn’t want students to feel excluded in the application process,” said Brian O’Rourke, vice president of enrollment and admissions at Mills College. Stress is already a factor in applying to colleges “and reaching out to a stranger in an admissions office can exacerbate that stress.” He added that putting the policy in writing should make the application process easier.

“Mills has the most open policy with regards to trans students,” said the Mills’ next student body president, Skylar Crownover. “It’s been the unwritten policy of Mills for a while now, but to see it finally put down in words and to see it official is a great step.”

O’Rourke adds that three to five of the roughly 1,000 Mills undergraduates each year are transgender or identify as something other than the gender they were assigned at birth. The undergraduate program at Mills is not reportedly affected, since it is open to men and women.

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