Lesbian couple turned away by Pennsylvania bridal shop owner

Christian bridal shop owner turns away lesbian couple. (x)

Christian bridal shop owner turns away lesbian couple. (x)

A Christian bridal shop owner in Pennsylvania turned away a lesbian couple who were looking to schedule an appointment. The owner defended her actions, claiming the couple were breaking “God’s law.”

The couple, who wish to remain unidentified, were turned away after trying to schedule an appointment at W.W. Bridal Boutique in Bloomsburg. They were told the shop “[does] not service same-sex couples.” The couple’s story went viral after the women posted about the incident on Facebook.

The store’s online listings were soon packed with one-star reviews. One man commented, “Jesus made everyone feel welcome, shame you are not a follower of Christ.”

Bloomsburg residents were also not amused. “It’s definitely ignorant,” Susan Welliver told PAHomepage. “I wouldn’t tell my kids to shop there.”

However, owner Victoria Miller is defending her actions. “We feel we have to answer to God for what we do,” she told The Press Enterprise. “And providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God’s law.” Miller has hired an attorney to defend her in case of a lawsuit.

Miller’s lawyer, Al Luschas, claims his client has a “liberty interest” to deny involvement in a wedding that violates her “firmly and honestly held religious beliefs.”

“God commands us to love the sinner but hate the sin,” one reviewer commented in support of Miller’s actions. “That means you don’t do things to promote the sinful acts.”

The Bloomsburg Town Council has planned a meeting on Monday to discuss what occurred at W.W. Bridal. Members of the Council are also debating whether or not to propose legislation that will ban businesses from refusing service to LGBT customers.

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