The 10 hottest gay and lesbian celebrities (and how to steal their hottest qualities)

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What do Chris Colfer, Jim Parsons and Portia de Rossi all have in common? They’re all gay—and according to users of the popular dating app “Hot or Not,” they’re some of the hottest gay celebrities. In a recent poll, Hot or Not’s users voted on which gay celebrities they found most attractive. The resulting list includes some of today’s hottest actors, athletes and models.

See below for the full top ten list and details on all the stars—plus tips on how you can steal some of their most attractive traits.


Matt Dallas is totally hot—and a huge goofball!

10. Matt Dallas

Who he is: An actor, best known for playing Kyle Trager, the main character on ABC Family’s “Kyle XY.”
Why he’s hot: Aside from his gorgeous blue eyes and adorable smile, the boy-next-door charm he brings to his roles is especially attractive. Contrary to the cool boy swag he flaunts onscreen, Matt has confessed to being “a huge dork” in real life. “It’s important to me to have fun and be goofy and play around,” he’s said.
Steal this trait: The goofball vibe adds to Matt’s appeal—and it can do the same for you! Letting out your playful side from time to time—by doing something random or cracking a joke—can make you seem more approachable to new people.

Portia is full of surprises.

Portia is full of surprises.

9. Portia de Rossi

Who she is: She’s not just Ellen’s wife! She’s also an actress, who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including “Arrested Development.”
Why she’s hot: She started her career as a model, so she’s obviously got good looks. But what really makes her hot is her unpredictability, from her career—she takes on all sorts of roles, from dramatic to comedic—to her personal life—her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, has said she “falls more in love with Portia all the time” because “she surprises me.”
Steal this trait: The element of surprise. That’s what keeps Portia’s fans on their toes—and keeps Ellen in love. Make this work for you by surprising someone you care about with a random act of kindness, like treating them to their favorite Starbucks drink. Kindness is an attractive quality in itself, and the randomness adds the element of excitement that makes Portia so attractive.

Tom's abs are only part of his appeal.

Tom’s abs are only part of his appeal.

8. Tom Daley

Who he is: Gold medal-winning Olympic diver. Known for being a total hottie.
Why he’s hot: Sure, he’s got washboard abs and a winning smile, but what makes him really hot is the hard work and commitment he puts into his athletic career.
Steal these traits: Strength, concentration, self-control and commitment. Physical activity requires all of these super-attractive skills—and you don’t have to be an Olympian to have them! Show that you have strength and stamina by challenging a friend to a race, or hitting up the local gym. Even if you’re not athletic, you can show off your self-control and concentration by challenging a friend to a game of chess or a Sudoku battle. Even if you don’t win, your willingness to try something challenging will impress almost as much as one of Tom’s crazy dives.

Kim's rocked a number of looks and titles throughout her career.

Kim Stolz has rocked a number of looks and titles throughout her career.

7. Kim Stolz

Who she is: Former “America’s Next Top Model” hopeful (the competition’s first openly lesbian contestant!), MTV News correspondent and video jockey. She currently works as a vice president at Citigroup, and is also a published author—her first book, “Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do”, came out in June.
Why she’s hot: She may have the model thing going for her, but her ability to wear different hats—literally!—is what really makes her interesting.
Steal this trait: Adaptability. Since ANTM, Kim has worked a variety of jobs—none of which are directly related to her college major, international politics. Her adaptability is what allowed her to take advantage of new opportunities—like becoming a correspondent for MTV. Adaptability is also useful in social settings—after all, you never know who you’ll run into or where you’ll end up. Show you’re up for anything by suggesting a new spot when you go out for dinner with your friends. Who knows what opportunities—or cuties!—you’ll run into.

Jim Parsons is totally adorkable as Sheldon on "Big Bang Theory."

Jim Parsons is totally adorkable as Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory.”

6. Jim Parsons

Who he is: Star of the CBS comedy “Big Bang Theory.” (He plays Sheldon Cooper, a quirky science geek.)
Why he’s hot: He’s totally adorkable. Jim describes his character on BBT as “colorful,” and says the role is “a celebration of these kinds of characteristics.”
Steal this trait: Confidence. Jim’s character on BBT embraces his nerdy side, which is what makes him so adorable. Though you may not be a science nerd, embracing your own quirks can make you seem more confident—and confidence is definitely a hot trait!

From a suit & tie, to just a tie, Matt Bomer knows how to dress.

From a suit & tie, to just a tie, Matt Bomer knows how to dress.

5. Matt Bomer

Who he is: Star of “White Collar,” “Magic Mike” and “The Normal Heart.”
Why he’s hot: Though he’s gaining respect as a serious actor—his role in the HBO drama, “The Normal Heart,” has earned him an Emmy nomination—he’s known for his looks—he rocked a number of sharp suits in the USA drama “White Collar” and showed off his toned physique in 2012’s “Magic Mike.”
Steal this trait: Style. While it’s generally true that the inside matters more than the outside, sometimes the outside can reflect what’s on the inside. Taking care in your appearance shows that you know your self worth. Even if you don’t always feel great about yourself, taking a little more care in your appearance—whether that means wearing nicer clothes or logging a few extra hours at the gym—can actually make you feel better. That confidence will shine through and make people gravitate towards you.

Chris Colfer isn't afraid to get creative.

Chris Colfer isn’t afraid to get creative.

4. Chris Colfer

Who he is: Kurt from “Glee.” Though, he’s been doing his own thing for awhile now.
Why he’s hot: From writing, producing and starring in a feature film (2012’s “Struck By Lightning”), to creating a bestselling young adult books series, Chris isn’t afraid to express himself in a variety of creative ways.
Steal these traits: Creativity and self-expression. These are attractive traits, because they show you’re not afraid of standing out. Express your creativity by learning an artsy skill—try taking an art class or learning the choreography to your favorite song.

Jonathan Bennett is a complete sweetheart, on- and off-screen.

Jonathan Bennett is a complete sweetheart, on- and off-screen.

3. Jonathan Bennett

Who he is: Aaron Samuels from “Mean Girls.”
Why he’s hot: His hair look sexy pushed back. Plus, it was totally sweet of him to help Cady with her math homework—even though he was kind of bad at math.
Steal this trait: Generosity. Aaron didn’t have to offer to tutor Cady, but he did and that’s totally admirable—and attractive! Offer to help a friend with something they’re struggling with—whether it’s algebra or relationship drama. Helping others not only makes you look good, but it’ll make you feel good, too—and your friend will appreciate the help!

On "The Real L Word," Amanda Leigh Dunn learned to let loose.

On “The Real L Word,” Amanda Leigh Dunn learned to let loose.

2. Amanda Leigh Dunn

Who she is: An NYC marketing exec and former star of “The Real L Word.”
Why she’s hot: She’s got beauty and brains—and she’s not afraid to let loose. When she first joined the cast of “The Real L-Word,” she planned to keep things low-key, but eventually learned to let her hair down. “You would literally blow your brains out if you had to spend four or five months of your life being a robot all the time,” she said in an interview with Autostraddle.
Steal this trait: Informality. Sometimes, the easiest way to attract people is to stop trying to attract them. Rather than over-think everything you’re going to do or say in front of someone you want to impress, try acting a little more casual. Not only will you seem totally chill, but it’ll create a more relaxed vibe and make it easier for both of you to say what you really want to.

As an action star, Kristanna Loken knows how to keep things exciting.

As an action star, Kristanna Loken knows how to keep things exciting.

1. Kristanna Loken

Who she is: This actress is best known for playing powerful characters in action movies like “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” and, most recently, “Mercenaries.” However, her 2006 stint on “The L Word” is what cemented her status as one of the hottest gay celebrities,
Why she’s hot: While her looks obviously play a part in her appeal, it’s her fun-loving spontaneity that makes her really attractive. In an interview with FHM, she talked about partying with costar Michelle Rodriguez. “We’d hang out, drink a lot of crappy vodka and hit the clubs,” she said. “One of them had a pool inside it. We would go, get really drunk and end up swimming in it by the end of the night.”
Steal this trait: Spontaneity. While you probably shouldn’t go drunkenly diving into the deep end, doing something a little wild from time to time can definitely be attractive—and can help keep an existing relationship exciting.

In addition to being on this list, these hotties have another thing in common—they each made the list because their unique traits make them stand out. So if you only try to rock one trait from this article, make it this—individuality! All of your traits—from quirkiness, to creativity, to athleticism—come together to make you who you are. Embrace them all and you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

Aside from looks, what do you think makes someone hot? What other celebrities should have made this list? What are your personal hottest traits? Let us know in the comments or in your own post!

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