Why Nash Grier is soo wrong about HIV

Vine star Nash Grier has a lot to learn about sexual health and the LGBT community.

Vine star Nash Grier has a lot to learn about sexual health and the LGBT community.

Sixteen year-old Vine celeb Nash Grier has been facing some harsh criticism lately for a six-second clip he posted to the video sharing website back in April. In the video, Nash responds to a public service announcement promoting HIV testing by implying that HIV is “a gay thing” and shouting a homophobic slur.

The video has received backlash—from fellow internet sensation Tyler Oakley, no less—and rightfully so. The video was extremely offensive—I mean, who still thinks it’s ok to call gay people the f-word? It was also terribly ignorant. As the PSA Nash reference stated, HIV isn’t a gay thing. HIV affects more than 30 million people from different backgrounds, identities and regions all over the world.

Sure, it’s true that gay and bisexual men are more seriously affected by HIV as a group—in 2010, gay and bi men accounted for about 63% of new HIV infections in the US—but that doesn’t mean that you’ll for sure get HIV just because you’re gay, or that it’s just gay guys who are affected. The spread of HIV depends on a number of factors, like whether or not you’re sexually active, the type of sex you’re having and if you’re using protection.

So no, HIV isn’t a gay thing. And even though Nash has apologized for the comments he made in the video, calling the clip “hurtful and wrong,” it’s clear he still has a lot to learn about the LGBT community.

“This clip was … awful,” Nash tweeted earlier today. “I am truly sorry. My goal is to educate myself and do something positive with what I learn.”

Check out the original vine and Tyler Oakley’s response below.

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