How to deal with straight crushes

Having a crush on a straight friend sucks. (x)

Having a crush on a straight friend sucks. (x)

You wait impatiently for your phone to light up and when it does, you just can’t seem to wipe the smile off of your face. It doesn’t matter if they’re just saying “hi” or telling you something genuinely important. What matters is that they’re talking to you. Your stomach starts doing backflips and you realize that you have feelings for this person. Then you remember one issue—they’re straight.

Straight crushes—we’ve all had them and we’ve all died a little bit because of them. Whether it’s your best friend, a football player, your doubles partner in tennis or your lab partner, every straight crush is real and every straight crush is absolutely excruciating.

Falling for a straight person feels like a dumbbell the size of Jupiter has been tied to your heart with a rope. It’s like trying to reach for the cookie jar on the top shelf but being two inches too short and falling directly on your tailbone over and over again. It is like listening to every sad song and feeling like you can relate to all of them—mostly because you can. The worst part about straight crushes, though, is that they are virtually impossible to avoid and virtually impossible to get over. They are like some sort of sick LGBT hazing session that seems to never end. What do you do when you find yourself tangled in a straight crush? To be honest, there are only two options.

1) Be brave and tell the person how you feel.

This option is much easier said than done. It is for the bold; the bravehearted who are completely willing to risk throwing any friendship out the window. If you value your current relationship with the individual, I recommend that you seriously consider whether you absolutely need to say something. It’s possible that your friend does not feel the same way and things could get awkward between the two of you. If, for you, the possible reward outweighs the risk then, by all means, muster up every last ounce of courage in your body and confess. If not, then there’s always option number two…

2) Be safe and hide your feelings (you can always be flirtatious if you need to!)

This option is also extremely difficult. Masking feelings is for the quiet individual or the devoted friend. If you are closeted, option number one might come as a surprise so it may be best to stay safe and, if you are brave enough, give off very subtle hints to your attraction without giving anything away for certain. Also, if you are crushing on your best friend and that friendship is really important to you, I would advise keeping your feelings to yourself. Although it may hurt to conceal the truth from someone you love so much, being blunt about it might risk hurting your friendship.

Whatever you do, remember that even if this person does not like you back, there almost certainly is someone out there with their eye on you! Sometimes you just need to look a little bit closer. Yes, it is difficult, but maybe someday you can escape this emotional trap and be on the lookout for potential relationships! Much love and support is being sent your way.

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