We’re wrapping up the Carnival of Aces

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted pieces for our “Obstacles” theme in this month’s Carnival of Aces! In case you missed it, here’s a brief recap:

Queenie wrote about visibility, queerness, and the asexual identity.

Giovanni shared a play with us about their experiences in coming out and the reactions they received. (Trigger warning: discussions of corrective rape, threats, and violence.)

Laura submitted a piece about islamaphobia, asexuality, and taking part in pride.

Sara K. talked about difficulties in finding a close companionship as an aro-ace.

Laura S. shared thoughts on asexuality, academia, and accountability.

Something Queer to Read wrote about a lack of obstacles in asexuality.

Geoffrey C. discussed being perceived as a special snowflake.

Nutmeg reflected on the relationship between visibility and acceptance.

Captain Heartless wrote about how reclaiming words shaped their identity.

Miriam shared her experience discovering asexuality.

Pegasus wrote about asexuality and sexual expectations.

Luvtheheaven reflected on being involved in fandoms without experiencing sexual attraction.

Last, Stormy O’Brink (yep, that’s me!) wrote about becoming an outcast in the LGBT community after coming out as asexual.

You all did a wonderful job!

If anyone would like to come back and write for LGBTeen, please do! You can send your articles in through our “Submit” button on the homepage or apply to be a staff writer. For more information, contact our editor in chief, Steven, at steven@lgbteen.org.

The short URL of the present article is: http://lgbteen.org/azvIK

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