This rising Canadian pop star is the next Britney

When Britney Spears burst onto the scene in 1998, music lovers everywhere took notice of her electric stage presence and captivating dance moves. Though the world has seen and heard countless pop divas since Britney’s debut, no one came along who really captured Britney’s unique energy.

Enter Victoria Duffield, a 19 year-old rising pop star from Canada whose music and choreography rival Britney’s best. But more than just having a similar sound and mimicking Spears’ signature moves, Victoria actually has a lot in common with the Princess of Pop.

For one, they kind of look alike.

Victoria even dressed up as Brit for one of her performances on the Canadian talent show, “The Next Star.” She nailed the “…Baby One More Time” look, right down to the brown lipstick.

But Victoria wasn’t the only one who got her first taste of the spotlight from a televised talent show. Here’s Baby Brit on Star Search.

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However, Britney’s big break didn’t come until years later, when she opened up for ’N Sync.

Victoria also opened for a popular 90s boy band, when she joined the Backstreet Boys on their In A World Like This Tour.

She totally killed her performances. This dance break screams “Britney.”

In fact, a lot of her dance moves are straight out of Britney videos. The big dance number from Victoria’s video for “Feel” totally reminded us of Britney’s video for “Till The World Ends.”


Her hair flips are just as fierce as Brit’s.



And this look from her latest video, “More Than Friends,” is so “Oops!… I Did It Again.”


Not that we’re accusing the newcomer of copying Brit. Victoria names Brit as one of her main influences and has covered her songs on tour.

If anything, this just shows the impact Britney has made on the pop music world. Plus, if Britney does end up retiring once her Vegas residency ends, it’s nice to know she finally has a worthy successor.

What do you think? Does VDuff measure up to BritBrit? Or is the Princess of Pop irreplaceable? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter @LGBTeenMag.

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