Have a gay movie night!

Throw a gay movie night fit for Pride! (x)

Throw a gay movie night fit for Pride! (x)

Since June is Pride Month, there will be many festivities to celebrate all things LGBT. However, you may want to tone it down after the parades and partying. But how? A quiet night in with friends to watch some gay-themed movies sounds like the perfect solution. Of course, you should have the usual: snacks, beverages, and anything else to make your guests feel at home. But what’s most important are the films you will be watching. Remember, gay-themed movies aren’t one-dimensional. You’ve got romantic comedies, dramas, and documentaries. Let’s break down the different options to see what theme would best suit your gay movie night.

1. Romantic Comedies

If you’re feeling in a romantic mood, then you may want to watch some romantic comedies. “Trick” tells the story of a young aspiring songwriter living in Manhattan who attempts to have a one-night stand. This leads him on a journey that lands him in an unexpected place. Another good choice is the 1950 silent film, “Un chant d’amour (A Song of Love).” It was French writer Jean Genet’s only film and tells the story of two gay prisoners, both in separate cells, but captivated by each other. It could be seen as a metaphor of where gay men were at that time.

2. Dramas

In the mood for some drama? “Bent” is an important film to see. It tells the story of the persecution of gay men during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. It also features a love story between two prisoners that must be seen to be believed. While the film can be hard to watch, and will leave you in floods of tears, it’s a well-done portrayal of a significant period in our history that often goes by unnoticed.

3. Foreign Films

Perhaps you’re a lover of foreign films. Well, fear not, because there’s plenty of gay-themed movies to choose from. “Nico and Dani” is a Spanish coming-of-age story in which two friends, one gay and one straight, spend the summer together. It’s a realistic and moving tale of their sexual awakening. “David’s Birthday” is an Italian film about a married man in love with his best friend’s son. It plays out like an opera, with an ending that shows why it’s wrong to live a lie.

4. Documentaries

When it comes to the gay community, it can’t be denied that we have a lot of stories to tell. “Bridegroom” (available on Netflix) tells the heartbreaking story of Shane Bitney Crone and his late partner, Tom Bridegroom. After hearing Shane’s story and what he endured after Tom’s death, it’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t want marriage equality. Another sad film is “We Were Here: The AIDS Years in San Francisco.” If you’re a more musical person, you might enjoy “Pick Up The Mic,” a look inside the world of LGBT hip-hop, or even the Pansy Division documentary, “Life In A Gay Rock Band.”

5. Sex Comedies

If you’re feeling fun and frivolous, then you may want to check out some gay-themed sex-comedies. “Another Gay Movie” (available on Netflix) is a gay-themed parody of “American Pie,” in which four friends attempt to lose their virginity before the end of the summer. Also check out “Another Gay Sequel,” which was inspired by the spring break movies of the 1980s. Also worth watching is the entire “Eating Out” series and the movie “Longhorns,” (available on Netflix) which is about a gay college student coming to terms with his sexuality.

These films will no doubt suit whatever mood you may want for your gay movie night. And who’s to say you should stick to one theme? Maybe after watching a sad drama like “Bent,” you’ll want to lighten the mood with “Another Gay Movie.” Consider all your options, get comfortable, and your gay movie night will be a success!

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