10 songs you need to add to your summer playlist

Every year, stars battle it out on the charts for the title of Song of the Summer. There are tons of strong contenders this year that will be all over the radio and inevitably end up on your personal summer playlist. Here are a few more songs that perfectly capture the summer vibe. They’ll be the perfect soundtrack to all your summer activities and add some variety to your playlist.

Nicole Scherzinger – Your Love

This feel good track from the former Pussycat Dolls front woman features an irresistible hook that will keep you singing along all summer. You’ll want to jam to this while you’re driving to the beach with the top down.

Jennifer Lopez – First Love

The second single from J.Lo’s latest, the just-released “A.K.A.”, blends old-school beats with an electronic edge and lyrics about finding new love. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a summer romance and the thumping beat also makes it a great party song.

Selena Gomez – Like a Champion

“Come & Get It” was everywhere last summer and SelGo may own your playlist for the second year in a row with this song from her #1 album “Stars Dance.” The track features a fun tropical beat and empowering lyrics about carrying yourself with confidence. Play this song when you’re getting ready to go out or gearing up for a round of beach volleyball. It’ll totally pump you up.

Victoria Duffield – More Than Friends

The latest single from this upcoming starlet sounds like a mashup between “Call Me Maybe” and “California Girls.” So, needless to say, it’s a perfect summer song. The funky strings and heavy synths awesome to dance to, and the lyrics will make you think about your summer crush. Play this song at your next party to get everyone dancing—maybe your crush will join you on the dance floor!

Kylie Minogue – Sexy Love

With a similarly funky beat, this track from Australia’s Pop Queen sounds like a more grown-up version of “More Than Friends.” Blast it while you’re laying out on the beach checking out hotties. Just don’t try to use any of the cheesy lyrics as pick-up lines!

Mariah Carey – You Don’t Know What To Do

Don’t let the piano-accompanied intro fool you, this track from M.C.’s latest is a straight-up BOP. When the groovy, old-school beat drops and Wale starts rapping, you won’t be able to stop dancing. Play this when you’re hanging out with your friends and have fun lip-synching along to it, like you’re on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Love Dollhouse – Can I

The debut single from this upcoming girl group combines a retro, urban sound with a modern edge. “Can I get a piece of that L-O-V-E,” they croon over the 90s-inspired track. Listen to this while you’re riding along your local bike trails, or cruising downtown with your windows down. Feeling the breeze in your hair while bopping to the song’s breezy beat is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Avril Lavigne – Bitchin’ Summer

From chilling around a fire to “baking in the sun,” this track, from the Canadian rocker’s latest album, describes some of our fave summertime activities. You’ll want to play this laid-back, guitar-driven track in the background at your next bonfire, or while winding down from a wild night out.

Allie X – Prime

With lyrics about being confused and carefree, this song is like an edgier “22”—without a doubt, summer 2014’s YOLO anthem. “Forget what I need, give me what I want and it should be fine,” the unsigned talent sings over the chorus’ stabbing synths. Put this on your pre-game playlist. Play it while you’re putting on your makeup or heading to a party—it’ll be the perfect start to your night.

Avicii (feat. Adam Lambert) – Lay Me Down

Avicii’s progressive beats, combined with powerful lyrics and Adam’s soulful vocals make the Swedish DJ’s latest single the perfect dance song. Add the high-energy track to your work-out playlist and request it at the club. Whether you’re pumping iron or fist-pumping, it’ll get you moving.

What songs are you jamming to this summer? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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