We’re hosting the May 2014 Carnival of Aces!

People on the asexual spectrum face a lot of obstacles. We want to hear about the ones you've dealt with—and how you got over them! (x)

People on the asexual spectrum face a lot of obstacles. We want to hear about the ones you’ve faced—and how you deal with them. (x)

For our readers who have never heard of the Carnival of Aces: it’s a monthly blogging carnival centered on asexual/asexual spectrum identities.  Anyone can participate, but responses should deal with asexuality or the asexual spectrum. The host chooses the theme, and bloggers submit their pieces.

The theme we have chosen is: “Obstacles in Being Asexual”

Minority groups  tend to face a lot of obstacles because of their identity. We want to illustrate obstacles the asexual community may face.

Some ideas for the topic to get your creative minds thinking:

  • Did you have problems coming out as asexual? If so, what kinds of problems?
  • Are there times where people invalidate your identity because of something else in your life, like a past with sexual assault or mental illness?
  • Have you ever had problems relating to others because you’re asexual?
  • Have you ever had problems with accepting yourself because of your ace identity?
  • If you’re aromantic, do you feel excluded by the rest of the asexual community? Does this create a challenge for you in finding a community that accepts you?

These are just a few ideas to help you start writing. We will post all of the submissions to our blog in the #ShareYourStory section, as well as list a link to your original post. Feel free to include pictures!

To submit: Use our handy submission form or email steven@lgbteen.org. Be sure to include the title of the piece and the name you want it to be attributed to. Articles will be posted by our editor-in-chief, Steven, with a note including the author’s name, as well as any links—like your Twitter profile or Tumblr blog—or general information you would like to include—like your job, major in school or LGBT/GSRM identities—so be sure to specify if you want to include anything like that.

Additionally, if you’d like to continue writing for LGBTeen, we’re looking for writers! Feel free to submit any other queer related pieces you may want featured on our blog or apply to be a staff writer.

We can’t wait to hear your stories. Happy writing!

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