Everything you need to look great this summer

It’s important for us to feel comfortable in our own skin, but sometimes that reflects best in what we choose to wear. If you were to ask me I’d say too much is never enough, take risks, fashion should be played with. Never fear the tackier items. Embrace them by adding them to what you’d consider one of your more bland outfits. But to give you some perspective and more general ideas ideas for yourself, let me give you the basics of 2014’s spring/summer casual trends.

First off, wearing the color white top-to-bottom is kind of a big thing this season. Go out and get yourself fresh/bright white articles of clothing you can mix and match until Labor Day. Of course you will want to add an accent color somewhere in your outfit such as socks, a belt, etc. Don’t worry white is always a safe choice, and it goes with any other color. So you could get a lot of use out of say one pair of white denim pants.

In case you haven’t noticed floral prints are still happening y’all, and now they are branching out into more tropical lush green prints as well. These prints are perfect and fresh for a summery look. Riding in on the same wave, camouflage prints are also making a comeback. You can wear camo with just about any casual outfit, but try not to overdo it unless you’re specifically going for that deer hunter look.

Lastly bomber jackets have been pretty trendy lately. I’ve seen them everywhere! I like bomber jackets because you can wear them over any outfit and it always looks cool. I’d suggest wearing it with a pair of tan chinos, a woven belt and some sneakers. Everyone can rock that look.

Shopping list:

  • Floral printed shirt
  • Camouflage print shorts
  • White denim pants
  • White sneakers
  • Bomber jacket (tan or navy blue)
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