Hey, it’s OK to be a Club Rat!

Don't listen to the stereotypes! Gay clubs can be a fun place to meet people and express yourself.

Don’t listen to the stereotypes! Going clubbing can be a fun way to meet people and express yourself. (x)

The party lifestyle is what I dreamed of my 4 years in high school. I wanted to wear rave-y clothes and dance like it was a Britney Spears music video. I wanted to meet men, I wanted to make friends and I wanted to go completely wild.

Well dreams come true, and all of the above came to life! The first year after my 18th birthday was awesome. Along the way I realized that the gay club scene was more than just a place to get messy and have fun. It’s more or less the center of gay social circles. On the weekend it seems like everyone in the LGBT community goes to the local bars and clubs. Reason is that’s where their friends go, and that’s where you can go to be yourself.

I broke down a lot of inner/personal walls at the club. I met my first drag queens and trans women at the gay club. This was intimidating simply because I didn’t know what to expect. I also got to interact with people of different socioeconomic backgrounds and they were all accepting because we had the gay thing in common. I even made friends with men over twice my age; something I thought to be odd at first but it was actually rather simple. The age gap didn’t matter because the bottom line is we’re all gay and here to socialize with each other. That unspoken understanding creates the niche, the safe zone. Money, race and age didn’t matter in this place.

Eventually going to the club became a semi-regular pastime for me on the weekends. I met my first gay friends at the dance club. For me it was a whole new kind of friendship because I felt like these guys really “got me”. Being with these new friends allowed me to be myself and really let loose and own the person I am. I really didn’t get that back in high school when I was more introverted and had only hetero friends.

There seems to be a lot of stereotyping about the types of people that go to the club, and my best advice would be not to hear a word of it. The majority of the social LGBT people out there go clubbing and if you want friends, that’s just the environment you will learn to appreciate. LGBT dating apps or online services prevent you from making the same kinds of the bonds and friendships that could be made person to person.

I just don’t believe young, socially capable individuals should rely on technology to make gay friends or find partners. You could join an LGBT club organization at school, but sometimes it’s nice to form that type of fellowship in a more casual, non-political, lighthearted environment. At the dance club no one cares about the personal dramas; we’ve all been through it, we understand, but we simply want to have fun and live life!

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