Kylie Minogue is infinitely better than your fave

Kylie Minogue is the most underrated pop diva ever. Sure, she’s huge in her native Australia and the UK, but she’s basically unheard of in the States. Which is a shame because not only is she the most consistent girl in the game, she’s been ahead of the curve since her debut, setting trends in music and fashion throughout her career.

Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below and try to tell me she isn’t infinitely better than your fave.

Miley Cyrus, pop’s current it-girl, has garnered major attention for her edgy new look and racy photo shoots, but Kylie is the original party girl.


She totally rocks a blonde pixie.


And the racy, minimalistic photo shoots? Kylie did this in 2001.

kylie minogue 024

When Lady Gaga first exploded onto the pop music scene in 2008, people fell in love with her unique, high-fashion looks. But Kylie had been rocking couture on the reg for years.






And posing dramatically with microphones? Kylie did it better.




The futuristic look has been popular since at least the late 90s. Kylie was one of the trend’s earliest adopters.



Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Kerli have all tried this look, but no one does it quite like Kylie.

And the 90s grunge-inspired look? Sorry Katy, but Kylie pretty much did Shirley Manson drag in the 90s.





Sexy cowboy chic? Cher, Madonna and Britney all tried this look in the early 2000s but Kylie’s been rocking it since the “Impossible Princess” days.


Cultural appropriation has been a hot topic lately, but nobody bat an eye when Kylie rocked these looks. Probably because she pulled them off so well.



Madonna started the trend of referencing old Hollywood glamour in the pop music world and Christina Aguilera’s most successful era was based on the throwback gimmick, but Kylie’s version of this look feels effortless and authentic.


She actually looks like a 50s screen siren, not like she’s trying to look like one.


Speaking of Madonna, the Material Girl’s 2012 comeback single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” was tailor-made for a cheer routine, and she performed the song in a cheerleading uniform on her crazy-successful MDNA tour. Of course, our girl Kylie had already worn a similar look in 2008 and, in the process, proved that sneaker heels can be cute.

Kylie Minogue in concert, Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy Stadium, Paris, France - 06 May 2008

When Britney released the promo single for her Vegas run first single from her eighth album “Britney Jean,” she debuted a showgirl-inspired look to coincide with her residency in Vegas. But Kylie embarked on her “Showgirl” tour in 2006, rocking a number of flashy ensembles on stage.



J. Lo straight up copied the iconic “All the Lovers” orgy.



And what about the big deal Gaga made about the set for her 2012 Born This Way Ball? Kylie’s 2011 Aphrodite Les Folies tour featured an equally impressive set.


And I don’t even know what this look is, but she pulls it off.



Basically, Kylie can do no wrong. And try as they might, the other pop girls can’t measure up. As if this list wasn’t enough, Kylie is going to completely slay you when her new album “Kiss Me Once” comes out on March 18.

The album is currently streaming on the Guardian. Let us know what your favorite tracks are in the comments below!

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