Trans* queer kid interns at the capitol

Can a queer trans* kid make it as an intern at the capitol? LGBTeen editor Daye Pope is about to find out.

Can a queer trans* kid make it as an intern at the capitol? LGBTeen editor Daye Pope is about to find out.

What would it be like for a queer trans* person interning at the nation’s capitol, running around the Hill in platform wedges and brushing elbows with suited-up senators? That’s what LGBTeen editor Daye Pope is going to be doing for the next three months. And they’ll be documenting it all on their blog, Daye in D.C.

Daye is a political communication major at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). They made a name for themselves on campus, as president of UNI’s LGBT group UNI Proud and as a controversial candidate for student body president. Their passions for activism and politics led them to apply for the internship at the capitol.

The internship is sure to be a learning experience for the trans* kid from small-town Iowa. See what Daye has to say about their new journey below, and be sure to visit #DayeInDC for the latest from the #QueerKidAtTheCapitol.

Those who know me personally know I’m a little bit obsessed with stories of all kinds—memoirs, hidden diaries, heart-wrenching verse, imaginative fiction. I believe one of the most incredible experiences available to us is to find ourselves absorbed in the mind of another-to catch a glimpse into their world, to think what they think and feel what they feel. It is the closest to oneness with someone that I think is possible, and it is one of the reasons I look forward to tomorrows.

I’m writing this blog for many reasons. I would like to record the details of this new adventure in my life. I would like to connect to others who either know me in “real life” and would like to follow my adventures or those who discover this blog online and find it amusing, relateable, or helpful in some way. I would like to tell my story.

My name is Daye, my pronoun is they, and I’m a working-class queer kid from Iowa interning on Capitol Hill. I identify as trans* as a vegetarian, an activist and a wide-eyed appreciator of the Universe. I like to write poetry, talk about politics and dye my hair a different color every month.

I’m embarking on an exciting narrative soon. I hope you’ll join me on the journey!


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