New social network aims to connect college-age queer kids

A student from the UK created LGBT+ Students to help queer kids connect with each other on-campus.

A student from the UK created LGBT+ Students to help queer kids connect with each other on campus.

Dean Macgregor joined his school’s LGBT society hoping to find a community of friends, and even possibly a relationship. Unfortunately, due to his quiet demeanor, he struggled to connect with the other members.

“I felt shy and didn’t know how to approach people,” he said. “I distanced myself because of the type of person that I was.”

Ultimately, it would be this experience that inspired him to create LGBT+ Students, a social network for queer college students in the UK to connect and find support.

“The idea is that it’s an exclusive social network for LGBT students,” said Macgregor. “Ideally, I would like to offer support for LGBT students who feel shy or nervous like I did, and make talking to members online, in a safe way, the first stepping stone to either a friendship or relationship.”

The site lets users connect through groups, forums, blogs and chatrooms. There’s also a feed, featuring the latest LGBT news from PinkNews, Europe’s leading gay news service.

While the website is just staring up and trying to gain membership, Macgregor has high hopes for the social networking site. “I’d like it to be a hub for LGBT societies across the UK to have their own section, and to post events and news to their members, allowing for a much easier to use, all-in-one place for LGBT students to go,” he said.

Eventually, Mcgregor would like the site to go global, but right now, he’s focused on building community in his own country. However, his true goal is to help LGBT* students make personal connections with each other, wherever they’re from. “My main aim is to help nervous or shy LGBT students with support, and make interacting with other LGBT students easier,” he said.

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