Boy Scounts to end gay ban?

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced they are considering ending their national ban on gay scouts and leaders. The ban has been around for several decades, but became a hot topic when a gay scout from San Francisco was denied a merit badge because he was gay in October of last year.

The story received national media coverage, and numerous petitions asking the Boy Scouts to put an end to their gay ban appeared online and received much support from the public, gaining over one million signatures.

A representative for the Boy Scouts of America pointed out that if the ban was lifted, local Boy Scout chapters would be able to choose members based on their own beliefs. While this obviously leaves room for the same type of discrimination, the plus side is that not all chapters of the Boy Scouts will be forced to follow the same rules.

The issue is expected to be discussed at the Boy Scout’s national executive board meeting next week. Stay tuned to LGBTeen for the latest.

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