#WhereImAt: Coming out when you’re still figuring it out: How do you come out when you’re still figuring yourself out?
Why you shouldn’t ask about my sex life on live TV: Tips for interviewing asexual and aromantic people: Stormy O’Brink was ecstatic when she was asked to appear on “Huffington Post Live”—but she was not here for the program’s misguided and offensive questions.
Defining moments: The gender identity breakthrough that can boost anyone’s confidence: Not only am I more comfortable in my gender identity, but I'm more confident overall.

Pop Culture

Today’s hottest stars and 20 years of LGBT history: The 20th Anniversary of the Out 100 is just as impressive as past years'.
10 artists that changed my life: Coming out can be hard. But music can make it—and everything else in life—a little bit easier.
Breaking new ground for trans* representation: She shook up the punk rock scene when she came out as trans* and now she's doing the same for reality TV.



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Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People Passed By Michigan House Republicans in the Michigan Statehouse passed a “license to discriminate” bill over the weekend. The bill would give anyone the right to refuse service to LGBT people if it
Transgender woman presented as a man in open casket at funeral Jennifer Gable, a transgender woman, died suddenly of an aneurysm on October 9 at age 32. But Gable was presented as a man at her funeral with her hair
Study on gay brothers shows strongest evidence yet that people are born gay NorthShore Research Institute has shown the strongest evidence yet that people are born gay. They conducted a study analyzing 409 pairs of gay brothers, including sets of twins.


Most people are familiar with art that aims to entertain, but there’s also the type of art that tries to do a little bit more.
While there is a knee jerk reaction to call internet based activism useless 'slacktivism,' it plays a part in a bigger movement.
A small group of students totally transformed their campus.