Letter from the editor: I’ve been totally neglecting LGBTeen: The blog hasn’t been as active as it should be, but I still have big plans for it.
I dare to exist because I do: How a personal tragedy helped this guy find himself.
I was kind of, almost on MTV: The fab trans reality show that should have been: Two post-grad trans girls being messy twenty-somethings? You'd totally binge watch that, don't even lie.

Pop Culture

Being ‘transracial’ is soo not the same thing as being transgender: People have been trying to compare the Rachel Dolezal scandal to Caitlyn Jenner's coming out--but they're totally wrong--here's why.
What’s the big deal about Russell Tovey’s comments? This guy nails it.: I won't rant about all the reasons why Russell Tovey's comments suck, because this guy does it so much better.
QUIZ: Which Lady Gaga era are you?: Which one of this gay icon's eras reflects your personality?



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Gay teen fights school’s ban on same-sex dates A senior at a Christian high school in Memphis is fighting a new, discriminatory policy.
Kansas City high school names transgender teen homecoming queen A Kansas City high school has crowned its first transgender homecoming queen.
Federal court denies Kim Davis’ request to be exempted from issuing same-sex marriage licenses A federal judge has denied Kim Davis' request to be exempted from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.


Most people are familiar with art that aims to entertain, but there’s also the type of art that tries to do a little bit more.
While there is a knee jerk reaction to call internet based activism useless 'slacktivism,' it plays a part in a bigger movement.
A small group of students totally transformed their campus.